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<a href="http://music.chakrasband.com/album/cedric">999 by Chakras</a>

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Cedric - Chakras


Chakras has gelled to produce a diverse and eclectic yet surprisingly cohesive sound free from many of the stereotypes of modern rock. - Joe Mis / Hardrock Haven

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Let's talk a second about Cedric. This album is not to be missed, especially if you like to snag up bands while they are still somewhat unknown. This album has some wonderful variety that will make you sing right along, stomp your foot and even punch wall at times. - Daniel C. Morrison / Alternative Revolt Magazine

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Their own unique chemistry results in a sound that slams with Hard Rock’s bombast, lulls with Folk/Pop and Prog’s subtlety and shreds with Metal’s intensity. - Brian Baker / CityBeat

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Simler-DeGolier's lyrics often address tangible topics obliquely, using metaphor and abstraction to provide her the words with a touch of universality. - Keith Halladay / North of Center

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Billy "Hellbilly" Tomlin's video of 'Split Lip' from 12/8/12 - Mainstay Rock Club, Cincinnati

About the Band

2012/13 Cincinnati Entertainment Award (CEA) Winner:
Best Hard Rock

2011 Cincinnati Entertainment Award (CEA) Nominee:
Best Hard Rock

2009 Cincinnati Entertainment Award (CEA) Nominee:
Best Rock / Hard Rock

2008 Cincinnati Entertainment Award (CEA) Nominee:
Best Hard Rock / Metal

Chakras is a Cincinnati based hard-rock band that incorporates elements of pop, metal, prog and punk to create a memorable, unique sound that remains accessible to the listener. Fueled by lead vocals that range from operatic to sultry, punishingly tight drums and bass, ethereal cello/keys and aggressive guitars, Chakras is a formidable combination of both high-energy and substance.

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